Name: Shingo Hattori
Uptime: 21yr and more
Lang: Japanese/English
Location: Tsukuba, Japan
Affiriation: University of Tsukuba
- College of Media Arts,Science and Technology
- Academic Collaboration Promotional Laboratory
- Software And Security Laboratory
- Phigital Media Lab (Parttime)

Current Efforts
Publication and Awards
Conference Papers: 画像解析によるブロック塀と点字ブロックの識別
Japan Science & Engineering Challenge 2019.
Conference Papers: 画像解析によるブロック塀と点字ブロックの識別 ーハザードマップの自動作成と視覚障害者の歩行支援ー
Information Processing Society of Japan 82nd National Convention Junior Contest.
Conference Papers: 映像への情報重畳のための不可視の色振動の探索高速化と生成可能条件の基礎検討
Information Processing Society of Japan 84th National Convention Student Session. Received the Student Encouragement Award.
Poster: Accelerated and Optimized Search of Imperceptible Color Vibration for Embedding Information into LCD images.
SIGGRAPH Asia 2022.
Poster: 世界の食文化に触れてみよう会 活動報告
T-ACT Welcome Fest 2023 -つくばアクションプロジェクト新入生歓迎会・活動報告会-
Assitant: 2021/04~ Nagoya University Affiliated Upper and Lower Secondary Schools WWL Project Science Group
Parttime: 2021/05~ University of Tsukuba Phygital Media Lab
Parttime: 2021/07~ SoftEther Corporation
Parttime: 2022/05~2024/02 University of Tsukuba Proton Beam Therapy Center
Parttime: 2023/08~ Cluster Metaverse Lab
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